teamlab – megaliths in the bath house

Yet another stunning project from TeamLab, this time a cluster of “megaliths” placed in an abandoned bathhouse.

If you look closely in the video, you can clearly see the fine pixelation of the direct-view LED panels. I’m guessing 2mm or 4mm pixel pitch, but without a close scale reference that is hard to estimate. You can clearly see the square panels zig-zagging at the bottom of the structures (nicely hidden by the “impact crater” mounds of dirt/rocks). Many of the LED panel manufacturers now offer extremely thin, almost seamless chamfered corners, which I believe is the primary trick here to obtaining the almost magical monolithic appearance.

Here is a picture I found of a similar direct-view LED panel with chamfered corners.

The interactivity is a trick that I have no idea how TeamLab implemented. No sensors can go fire through the LED panels, leaving just the bottom area by the rocky “impact crater” for some sort of IR, ultrasonic or camera vision system. Maybe a camera vision system positioned high in the room? But how does a camera vision system track accurately around all the monoliths?