skandal technologies: update

Skandal Technologies have updated their website with their new “Poet” system for controlling ambient information in architectural environments.

The Poet system unifies sensors, online data harvesting, generative content engines, servers, lighting solutions, and content management into one solution.

According to their site:

By introducing meaningful digital feeds to our built environments we enhance and extend our conscious and subconscious awareness of what is going on around us.

Humans have substantial ability to process ambient and peripheral information that directly affects our feelings and subconscious contextual understanding without the need to activate cognitive thought processes. With Ambient Communication a new hybrid form of space is created that is simultaneously digital and physical yet rooted to human biology.

Their core diagram…

skandal tech diagram

….looks quite a bit like my master’s thesis from a bazillion years ago (aka 1999):


A type of startup that is near and dear to my heart!  I wish Tapio and the team success!!!