Agnetix fixture

Agnetix is a new startup in the booming horticultural “grow light” category.   Liquid cooling for very high-power LED fixtures in a controlled industrial environment makes a lot of sense for multiple reasons.

But what especially caught my eye: It was co-founded by Ihor Lys, one of the co-founders of Color Kinetics.  At CK, I can best describe Ihor as playing the brilliant Steve Wozniak role to George Mueller playing the visionary Steve Jobs role.  Ihor invented lots of key technologies that pushed CK ahead of the industry by literally 5+ years.  So I will be very interested to see what technical tricks Ihor has up his sleeve now…

And another key hire, Cristina Rodrigues joined as VP Marketing.  Cristina was a key member of the marketing team during CK’s heyday and then went on to successful launches of LED startups Renaissance Lighting and Ecosense Lighting.  I’m interested to see her, ummm….”fourpeat”!