indiglo strikes back: future illuminations

future illuminatinos vynel_blue_lr

Remember Indiglo?  Well…just when you thought EL (electroluminescent) tech was dead and buried, it keeps coming back alive.  First through Lumilor’s cool spray-on techniques, and now through Future Illuminations heavy duty fabric applications.

They state about their new VynEL line:

VynEL™ Light Strips are one of the world’s most versatile lights. Wear it, wash it, stick it, or bond it. Whether integrating into wearables like activewear lighting, or bonding into backpacks, VynEL™ lighting gives the ability to Add Light.



Washable lighting?  That has to be some pretty durable stuff.  But the real issue is managing the wire connections, integrating them into the stitching and making sure those connections are “washable” over and over again.

Beyond EL products, Future Illuminations is sporting a few frickin’ laser-fed fiber optic products, too.  Some interesting stuff.


Via Core77.