lumilor: paintable light

lumilor IMG_1687-copy

This is interesting:  A company called Darkside Scientific has figured out a way to apply electroluminescent (EL…aka Indiglo) coating via a typical automotive spray paint process.  Their product is called Lumilor and they are targeting the custom paint industry for automobiles, hot rods, custom bikes, etc.

lumilor Polen-Helmet

EL has sort of fizzled in the industry in general, mostly limited to very special applications such as emergency egress lighting.  The original Indiglo engineers from Timex are still in business, but have largely abandoned general architectural applications — probably because LEDs trump EL in almost every dimension.

However, being able to literally paint-on your light source is a feature that even trumps LED.  It will be interesting to see if they can make a go of it. This stuff is very Tron-esque:  I’m guessing some lighting designer out there somewhere will figure out a cool architectural application for this stuff.

lumilor Polen-for-L-gallery