lightfair 2017: my conference session report card

Not too often do people put their performance evaluations into the public domain. However, I’m so impressed with the attendee evaluations I received for my Lightfair 2017 conference session “Ambient Luminescence and Experiential Design” that I will post them for all to see.  You can download the PDF here: L17SM06

Call it equal-parts humble brag and part market promotion:  Out of approximately 100 people that attended, 39 submitted evaluations and of those, the results are overwhelming positive for both the subject matter and the way I presented it.  So I hope this encourages other creative leaders in the lighting industry to continue to explore and promote the potential of “embedded lighting.”  And I know a few marketing directors out there who will love to see these results in detail.

As for me, I will present “Embedded Lighting” one more time at the THINKLIGHT forum at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition next week.

And then…no more.

My role at Philips Lighting changed in January and I haven’t submitted for any further conference sessions on embedded lighting.  So hopefully others will pick up the baton.