diffus design

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Copenhagen-based Diffus Design presents a large collection of amazing research projects, exploratory designs with e-textiles and other unique concepts fusing electronics, light and materials.

According to their site:

Diffus is founded by Michel Guglielmi and Hanne-Louise Johannesen. Michel is an architect working with tangible media and interaction design. He has been teaching at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, Schools of Architecture and Design. Hanne-Louise has a masters degree in Art History and has worked as assistant professor in Visual Culture at the University of Copenhagen. She now teaches at the IT-University, Denmark.

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I especially appreciate their design strategy manifesto, particularly their blending of digital tech and material essence:

Modern technology often has a high tech and alienating feeling to it. High tech becomes functional gadgets that we depend on but at the same time are detached from. By combining traditional know how and a codified production processes with uncharted technologies and complex materials we try to emphasize familiarity, luxury and comfort. We thereby try to avoid gadgets in favor of tangible smooth technology.


By merging ubiquitous technology based on sensor technology and computing with the sensual properties of traditional materials gives qualities of slowness and tangibility to the digital and changeability and interaction into the material. Thereby we try to make a continuum between the digital and the analogue in order to avoid the traditional bipolarity between the two. This “mix” of digital and physical materials results in unique hybrid material on its own right, which epitomizes today’s Zeitgeist.

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And I love this quote on “sustainability versus hedonism”:

We believe that it is possible to create sustainable design without changing the behavior of the user or compromise their quality of life. Beauty, sensuality and pleasurable experiences are not excluding sustainability and ethical responsibility. Social, environmental and ethics can be hot, crazy and sensual.