motion activated media wall


Via, giant motion-activated media reacts to passersby in Washington DC office building.  Project by ESI Design; see the original PR release here.

Inside Terrell Place — an office building and civil rights landmark in downtown washington DC — ESI design has realized 1,700 square feet of motion-activated media displays that activate with the movement of staff, visitors and passersby. Created for building owner Beacon Capital Partners, the reactive installation transforms the site’s common areas and expansive first floor lobby space with an interactive display of ‘digital nature’.  Realized as a single media canvas, the large-scale installation spans 80 feet wide by 13 feet high (24 by 4 meters) and can be seen through the oversized windows that look out onto the street. Technology has been seamlessly integrated into architectural surfaces, creating an ever-changing artwork that captures the bustling pulse of the building.

The three displays created by ESI design fluctuate from ‘seasons’ to ‘color play’ and ‘cityscape’, presenting a selection of scenes that can be programmed with varying durations and sequences. These customizations ensure that passersby never see the same scene — even if they arrive and leave at the same time every day.