digital lumens connects its software with schneider electric

An interesting software cross-platform partnership announced by Digital Lumens:  In a nutshell, Schneider’s system can talk to Digital Lumens’ system.

As part of the partnership, Schneider Electric will add support for Digital Lumens’ sensors and software to its SmartStruxure offering, using the stream of data that LightRules generates to optimize and improve other building subsystems like HVAC, security, energy management and life safety.

I’ve been wondering how and when the big building automation companies will jump into lighting.  Offering a dumb interface or gateway between systems (as was common in the past between proprietary systems) is simply not sophisticated enough for modern buildings; real control through direct software integration is the only way to realize the deep energy savings as promised.

But if you have a system that can control the lighting, why not sell the lighting as part of your package to the developer?