eaton low voltage lighting system

Via LEDsMagazine, a very interesting article and video interview between LEDs Magazine Editor-in-Chief Maury Wright and Eaton VP Ken Walma detailing Eaton’s new distributed low-voltage DC power system for LED lighting, which Eaton launched at Lightfair 2016..

Even though Eaton is launching this as a system, Walma proclaims a strong desire by Eaton to encourage this as a new industry standard.  Walma comments:

“Standard cable, standard connectors, standards-based communication technology between the fixtures and the power distribution.  Our whole architecture is trying to ensure that many different participants, including controls companies, lighting companies and power distribution companies,  would be able to push this whole low voltage effort forward….we’re maximizing the benefit of the 100 watt allotment of NEC code (under a 100 watts is Class II unprotected cable), we’ve developed a method where an electrical contractor can daisy-chain fixture to fixture”

Eaton’s press release for Lightfair adds:

Eaton’s Distributed Low Voltage Power (DLVP) system combines lighting and controls into one simple solution that can enable connectivity. By using DC low-voltage power and advanced LED technology, total materials and installation costs can be reduced by as much as 40 percent, while providing a completely flexible and electrically efficient solution.

I’m curious to learn what the “standards-based communciations” are — DALI?  Or IP?

This is great to see Eaton launching such a system, while also still supporting Power-over-Ethernet and even the Emerge Alliance.  Each has its pros and cons.

I’ve long proclaimed that moving to a DC architecture is one of the fundamental advancements needed to move lighting into the future.  This also provides an interesting alternative to my concept of a “dream system” for residential lighting.