waarmakers cardboard LED lamp

waarmakers r16 2waarmakers r16 1

I was in the cool Local Goods Market store in De Hallen in Amsterdam this weekend and saw this amazingly simple fixture by local Amsterdam design shop Waarmakers (who I posted about previously here).

waarmakers r16 3

Talk about circular economy design at its finest!!!  Why are not all interior lighting fixtures designed with such simplicity???  The packaging tube IS the fixture!


I could critique the optics a bit – I’m not sure if the LED TL tube they selected is directional or omni-directional, which would drastically impact the overall fixture efficacy.  And the Europeans sure love to bash “glare” as the worst thing ever in office lighting, despite any common sense from a design point of view.  I’m sure many office lighting zealots would be all over this thing – but I actually think this it the way of the future for good design.

This just slaps the lighting industry in the face — what is the future for “sustainable lighting”?