ninebyfour by waarmakers

Waarmakers Ninebyfour-Small-1

Waarmakers-1  Ninebyfour-Wooden-Led-Lamp-by-

Ninebyfour is a beautiful, elegantly minimal linear pendant design that uses a unique material source:  Felled urban trees gathered from within the city of Amsterdam .  Designed by local design shop Waarmakers — they’ve tracked the location of where the tree originally was used to make the wooden fixture body.  And bonus:  They using the TLED lamp from Philips Lighting.  Considering that the city was hit with a fierce windstorm a couple months ago that felled countless trees throughout the city, perhaps their source isn’t as limited as I might think…

Waarmakers   Ninebyfour-Uitpak

Waarmakers Ninebyfour-Small-2

Via Gizmodo.