high office – low lux

wallpaper high office gxl_56252d24-2308-4ad6-a562-1ba70a771fd0

I’m completely captivated by the gorgeous, sensuous, and decidedly dark office interiors included in the November 2015 issue of Wallpaper in a piece called “High Office”.  The use of dark & sumptuous materials, high gloss surfaces, high contrast levels, brilliant light sources — all are in stark opposition to most modern offices where light is intended to smoother its occupants – minimum 500 lux, homogeneous uniformity, invisible light sources with no “glare”.  Keep the workers focused on their typewriters while Frederick Taylor watches with his stopwatch.  This outmoded philosophy on modern office lighting is so entrenched it is now even baked into many building codes.  Add to that matte light-grey surfaces (bright but they won’t look dirty!) and sickeningly “cheerful” candy-colored fabrics accents and “bold” graphics, and you get offices that are perfect for making soul-crushing Powerpoints, but not much else.

From ExposureNY:

Joel Stans photographed perfectly dark and powerful office spaces for the 200th Anniversary Issue of Wallpaper* Magazine! With influences from space, each office space is decorated with both artistic aspects of the atmosphere as well as high-tech gear and super refined metallic pieces. These offices are something to envy! Interiors by Matthew Morris.

wallpaper high office gxl_56252d35-c090-43ef-b00c-40d00a771fd0