atelier robotiq


Atelier Robotiq is a Rotterdam-based startup using CNC-woven lightweight 3D structures for decorative pendants.

atelier robotiq robot

According to their site:

Atelier Robotiq experiments with fibers and robotic weaving techniques to make lightweight 3D fiber structures with geometrical weave patterns. The Fiber Pattern Lamp series are designed using mathematical models and wound with an industrial robot.

Atelier Robotiq is a Rotterdam based design company. Starting Atelier Robotiq was a means to start making things. We have an engineering-oriented culture using robots, 3D printers and laser cutters, which we combine with more traditional arts and craftsmanship. Actually, the larger part of our time we spend behind the workbench welding frames, preparing molds or soldering electronics. In contrary to many design studios we make all our products ourselves. Almost every week we learn to use a new material or production process. For us the name Atelier Robotiq represents the two worlds of Crafts and Technology.

They had me at “robot”!

atelier robotiq floor

atelier robotiq ufo+render

atelier robotiq _DSC1180