living wall

High-Low Tech - living wall 1

I just found another project called “Living Wall” from Leah Buechley’s High-Low Tech group (which I previously posted here).  This one dates from 2010.

From their High-Low Tech site:

This project experiments with interactive wallpaper that can be programmed to monitor its environment, control lighting and sound, and generally serve as a beautiful and unobtrusive way to enrich environments with computation.

Run your hand across this wallpaper to turn on a lamp, play music, or send a message to a friend. The wallpaper is flat, constructed entirely from paper and paint and can be paired with our paper computing kit whose pieces serve as sensors, lamps, network interfaces, and interactive decorations.

I especially like the concept of total integration of lighting, audio, sensing and controls into one architectural surface.

High-Low Tech - living wall 2