edison report: SIL Europe – the paradox of standardization

The folks at the Edison Report Europe have summarized the presentations at last week’s Strategies in Light Europe event in Munich, including a tidy summary of my presentationThe Paradox of Standardization“:

Brad Koerner (Philips) gave an overview of the present design practices and tools in architectural lighting. He made a plea to provide information on SSL lamps-luminaires and modules in a way that it can be directly imported in the software tools used by lighting designers and architects. He showed an interesting example of so-called on site manufacturing of luminaires using Zhaga compliant SSL modules where the luminaire was basically made at the building site using aluminum extrusion.

For those of you who are interested, here is a PDF copy of the slide deck I presented:20130711_BK_SIL2013Europe_ParadoxOfStandardization_V5