T-Ink is a New York City startup that specializes in conductive inks.

According to their description:

T-INK, Inc. is a privately held innovative technology company that utilizes proprietary “thinking inks” to enhance products through the creation of unlimited applications in the rapidly expanding $200 billion dollar printed electronics industry. T-INK was one of the very first emerging companies to commercialize true printed electronics across a variety of industries including toys, packaging, promotional products, construction and apparel.

T-INK’s patented technologies are designed to replace switches, wires, buttons, speakers, lights, sensors, microphones, antennas and batteries with printed ink for touch and motion activated applications. Once enabled with the technology, products benefit from powerful inter

An interesting example is this automotive head light assembly — instead of a myriad of wires, connectors, weather seals, and mechanical fasteners, a series of conductive & nonconductive printed layers are combined, presumably with other technologies like capacitive sensing, to make a flat, simplified assembly.

T-Ink 1

activity that was previously unimaginable and revolutionize existing functionality at a significantly lower cost, while providing an increasingly compact and lightweight product.