parametric space by zaha hadid


Via Dezeen, Zaha Hadid and design firm Kollision just opened a creative installation called “Parametric Space” that features funnels of light piercing down through a stretched ceiling.  The design is interesting enough merely if it were a still lighting composition; but in reality the funnels actually move up and down depending on guest proximity.  And the lighting is dynamic projection, adding another amazing layer of vibrancy to the space.

Zaha Hadid’s latest architecture exhibition features glowing funnels that bulge down from the ceiling to greet visitors.
Zaha Hadid collaborated with design office Kollision, research studio CAVI and motion designers Wahlberg to create the Parametric Space installation, which forms part of the architect’s solo exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen.
Visitors begin by entering a dark rectangular room. As they approach the centre, the four funnels react by gradually illuminating themselves and stretching down towards the ground.
“What appears to be a normal flat ceiling reveals itself as a flexible membrane that starts to glow and physically move,” explains Kollision. “Stepping closer to the funnel it moves further down; stepping back the membrane draws itself back, too.
The system is enabled by a pair of motion scanners that continuously collect information about the space and relay it back to the mechanisms and light sources concealed beneath the membrane.
Beads of light also trail across the funnels as they move, following a pattern devised by the architects.

Parametric Space by Zaha Hadid Architects from Dezeen on Vimeo.