inductive power for LED systems

iSotera __iCoupler_20130401_141819_SMALL_545x191

A colleague of mine (thanks JM!) forwarded this interesting UK-based startup called Isotera, which is developing a “contactless” wiring system for architectural LED lighting.  Here’s Isotera’s own system description:

“Using ultra-efficient and reliable bulk power conversion by a single Power Hub, the Isotera system distributes a highly regulated and ultra-safe IFAC (Intermediate Frequency AC) constant current over an uninterrupted cable, the iBus, to multiple LED fixtures.”

“LED fixtures are connected to the iBus by smart connectors, called iCouplers, which transfer power to the fixtures without piercing the double insulation of the iBus. The iCoupler does this by inductive coupling, hence the term ‘Contactless Power’. As iCouplers can be positioned anywhere on the iBus, they provide installers and facility managers with a degree of flexibility comparable with lighting tracks.”

Interesting power technology, but I would like to see this system combined with digital controls of some sort.  They offer 0-10v…seems like a very backwards control input for a such forward-thinking power setup.