thanks MIT, for fixing Apple’s glaring problem

Apple likes shiny toys.  They’ve figured out that hundreds of millions of people also like shiny toys.  In the process, Apple single-handedly unleashed glossy screens back onto a world that had effectively rid ourselves of such glare bombs about a decade ago, via high performance anti-glare coatings on LCD screens.  Such wonderful coatings freed lighting design for offices to once again include beautiful luminous elements and natural daylight, restoring a wonderful feeling of brightness that had been systemically eliminated to prevent veiling glare on older style CRTs.

So now everyone “happily” lives with seeing their own reflection brighter then the actual screen image in their iPhone or iPad, completely smeared in greasy fingerprints.  This is our future according to Apple, and all of Apple’s copy cats???

Luckily, those smart engineers at that tech school down the river from my alma matar might have fixed the glare’n’smudges problem once and for all, via nano-etched glass with ripples so tiny they bounce incident light into the walls of the ripples.  Those tiny ripples also repeal water, grime, etc.  Check out the post from  Now that is “magical and revolutionary”!!!!