l+b: Occhio

Occhio?  Who the heck is Occhio and why is their booth so fabulous?”  is honestly the second thought I had after seeing their booth.  First thought?  “Nice!…Animated waterfall!!!

According to Occhio’s website:

“Occhio GmbH is one of the fastest growing companies in the lighting industry and is a market leader for high-quality lighting in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  The name behind the company Occhio is the designer Axel Meise, who has been setting trends in lighting design for more than two decades now. Since 1999 the company has been headquartered at Wiener Platz in Munich-Haidhausen, Germany. Here a team of 60 employees takes care of design and development, marketing, sales and service.”

“Occhio’s trade fair display was a veritable crowd-puller, exciting the visitors with a two-part, shining white stand covering 400 square metres. One part of the display focused on the fascinating world of Occhio products of today, tomorrow and the future; the second part of the stand, with a spacious communication arena, an Italian bar and an illuminated water show, invited visitors to engage in stimulating conversations.

OK…so I forgive my American/Dutch transplant self for not knowing who they are. But 400 square meters of prime Light + Building space for a booth so stylish and sleek that it would make Apple blush?  That is some growth rate, apparently.  And 200 square meters devoted to “a spacious communication arena, an Italian bar and an illuminated water show”?  Try finding that in any booth at Lightfair!!!  Booths like these are what makes Light + Building so spectacular.

And what was this huge booth showing for product?  A simple but nicely executed adjustable spot light series called io3d.

They posted a bunch of professional pictures of their booth on their site; I clipped them below.