l+b: young designers showcase

Light + Building has a special area showcasing recent graduates hoping to launch their own product design firms.  Three in particular caught my eye.

Daniel Becker Design Studio from Berlin was again showing a gorgeous modular lighting system called “Sparks”.  A very simple system, it consists of only 2 flat “Y” shaped- and 1 “tripod” shaped- connector pieces, and 1 “Y” shaped- and 1 “tripod” shaped-glowing  elements.  But the simplicity of the parts belies the beautiful biomimetic richness that assemblies of the part can produce.

Markus Bischof was showing a ingeniously simple desk lamp: An elegantly detailed metal tube with two right angles rotated 90 degrees, with small glowing piece cut into the end of the tube.  The simple geometry allows it to be placed in a variety of positions.

KO Floriana is a firm started by Floriana Ohldag, currently a Dresden-based designer.  She took inspiration in New Zealand’s Maori tribe (interesting…see my post about the Qaui Branly Maori exhibit in Paris).  Let me quote her description: “Overlapping ash veneer funnels are illuminated from the inside. inspired by nature and it is eco-friendly!  Each side of the light object shows a complete different style…from lively to calm. from full-of-life to sleek. depending on your mood, you can turn conca(…) around until it finds the position that suits you best.  The strong light from the inside is calmed by the warm tone of the veneer, yet strong enough to shine through several layers, spreading a pleasing atmosphere.”