l+b: BenWirth Licht

Ben Wirth Licht from Munich had a couple creative designs exploring alternate uses of circuit boards.  I found these interesting mostly because they explore the dematerialization of traditional light fixtures.  They dispense with the traditional enclosure of a fixture and leave behind just the module.  So the question becomes:  Can the module become an elegant fixture or architectural lighting system itself?

The first is a modular tile system called Cluster+ used for suspended pendant  installations or a in a floor lamp.  The modules are available with either small LED spot lights or OLED panels; they can be used interchangeably.  I have to say, their black-on-black design was the sexiest circuit board I’ve ever seen.

The second design, called Track Wall, uses thin, long circuit boards to create a lattice, mounted 4cm from a wall surface.  LEDs mounted on the back side of the boards light the wall.  Secondary spot lights can be added.  Since it is all low voltage and low power, it makes artistic use of exposed conductors.  Honestly, it is a strange system at first glance, but it definitely is a provocative concept that could led to many other interesting designs.