O2 Media Cloud


European cell phone provider O2 had a stunning booth at the 2005 CeBIT convention; four years later it remains a striking design.


The ceiling consisted of an undulating grid of 28,000 suspended acrylic rods, each illuminated at the top by video-controlled LED pixels from Element Labs.  The effect was extraordinary: Each rod acted as a fiber optic channel, emitting a point of light at the bottom, with just enough emittance along the side to add volume to the ceiling.  The physical undulations provided a surface for sweeping, textural patterns of light


While the ceiling piece is impressive, what really makes the booth a success is the inclusion of glowing counters and display platforms, illuminated in neutral white to balance the razzle-dazzle of the ceiling.

The stand was designed by Munich-based design firm Schmidhuber + Partner.  Lighting design by Delux.  Lighting installation by Limelight.

A direct link to a Quicktime movie of the stand can be found here.

images from Element Labs and Limelight.

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