blade runner for real: kumho asiana headquarters

BladeRunner elementlabs-kumhoBlue-2

1982’s Blade Runner vividly depicted a dystopian future for Los Angeles 2019.  Back in 1982, massive multi-story video screens on the sides of buildings were extremely far-fetched sci-fi, something only the film industry could visualize.

Well, the future has arrived right on time.  Skyscraper-sized video screens are now available, even common.  Sorry, no flying cars or humanoid replicants just yet…but hey, there are still ten years to go until 2019.

The Kumho Asiana Group Headquarters in Seoul, South Korea opened in 2008 with a massive 15m x 94m low-res exterior video screen using Element Labs Versa Ray.  What struck me was how close the above image resembled the famous shot from the movie.

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