cooledge lighting job posting

Another hint at what Cooledge Lighting is developing, courtesy a recent job posting from Edison Report. Of course, TIR delivered a whole lot of hype during its day but not many (if any?) Lexel units…maybe this time will be different… “A revolutionary approach to the exploding solid state lighting space with the industry’s first LED lighting sheet. Cooledge Lighting is preparing the commercial launch of our proprietary flexible lighting sheet to target the US$100B global lighting market. Our innovative contribution to the emerging LED space eliminates many of the constraints and challenges that existing LED systems impose. Cooledge’s LED lighting … Continue reading cooledge lighting job posting

lucept roundup: 5 tech-focused lighting startups

LEDs have jumped many hurdles over the past decade.  Output, quality and price have all hit the marks needed for widespread adoption.  Socket and module standards are quickly evolving.  So what’s next? The next great revolution in the LED business will be miniaturizing the driver components and lowering the cost of advanced control and communications features.  As the industry adds a glut of LED capacity, the price of the actual LED chips continues to plummet.  This is increasing the percentage of total fixture cost that is related to the driver and power conversion components and, as they say, “the sharks are … Continue reading lucept roundup: 5 tech-focused lighting startups