fagerhult kvisten

Swedish lighting conglomerate Fagerhult has launched a beautiful new sustainable wooden linear pendant named the Kvisten series.

Kvisten is made of birch plywood and espouses many of the core principles I put forth over the past decade: Use the high efficiencies coming with LEDs to eliminate needless high carbon, toxic materials; design for easy disassembly and recycling; capitalize on the beauty of natural materials.

It is fantastic to see. It looks extremely similar to my 2019 “Bamboo Pendant” entry that won the US DOE competition for Sustainable Manufacturing of Luminaires. It certainly embraces the core principles I laid out in my 2014 US DOE workshop presentation “The Evolution of Adoption“.

For a similar line that I helped develop in the United States, checkout Lightly. Lightly carries the concept of genuine sustainability even further, reducing the number of components through its ingenious optical arrangements, plus offers a wider range of configuration options.

It is great to see one of lighting’s “majors” finally embracing honest, genuine principles of sustainability.