architectual stomp pedals

Don’t you wish that architectural lighting controls and digital media controls were as tangible, easy and fun to use as old-school guitar stomp pedals? I can’t even play guitar – or any instrument for that matter – but still have an urge to buy these things!

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How cool would it be to add a “Tahitian Sunset” model to a room, with big chunky knobs to control speed, vividness or color? Or how about a “Twinkling Night” romantic effect pedal? Or a “Morning Coffee” wake-up effect pedal?

Or all the fun in simply mixing effects? How about a “Twinkling Tahitian Morning”?

Magnetically snap some of these units to the wall controls for the room. Nice knurled metal knobs to bring the ephemerality of lighting controls to a more physical presence! Obviously you wouldn’t need these on the ground per se, so they wouldn’t need to be “stomp” pedals, but maybe we call them “punch” pedals? Who wouldn’t love a satisfying tactile click on a big old chunky sprung metal lever with grippy rubber pad on it?

The lighting industry has just grossly failed in making any sort of tactile, fun to use controls – either from the previous “preset scene” era or from the modern IoT/smart controls era. A huge missed opportunity. Easily understood, engaging controls would drive adoption of multi-channel “smart” lighting fixtures and lamps far more than the intangible techno-driven use-cases the industry pushes out.

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