sinclair digital

Sinclair Digital is an interesting new startup focused on DC-power and systems integration for hospitality/multi-unit residential applications, which itself spun out from a hospitality development/operator group.

Luis Suau, Chief Business Officer from Sinclair Digital found my 2020 ISE SBC presentation on DC power and reached out to me with some info on their first major project:

The Marriott Sinclair Hotel in Fort Worth, TX utilizes a huge DC microgrid system [developed in collaboration with Cisco]. In addition to all building POE Lighting, all the Somfy shades and curtains are powered via POE, along with the minibars, the embedded touchscreen TV’s in the bathroom vanities, and POE/USB-C charging ports. We also powered all of the building’s POE switches (in a distributed manner) with VoltServer’s Digital Electricity (Fault Managed Pulsed DC Power), and with the developer’s relationships brought in a large scale LG ESS (1MW interter and 322KWhr batteries) to replace the building generator. While the Sinclair Hotel did not have real estate for PV [solar photovoltaic], we are bringing in PV for other new projects we are working on. You can get a glimpse of the property from this today show video which aired the Monday after Superbowl 2020: 

Luis adds:

The Sinclair opened in January of 2020. We created Sinclair Digital after its successful grand opening (despite Covid). We have 6 projects that we are at various stages including the Marcel Hotel in New Haven, CT which will be the 1st Net Zero Hotel in the US: which will open in Q1 2021. Our current projects include Hospitality, Senior Living, K-12 Education, Managed MDU, and Commercial Office.

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