hyundai ioniq seven concept

Hyundai recently revealed a concept car with some clever interior lighting – something more akin to an art nouveau style than sci-fi futuristic automotive lighting.

I especially love the detail of how the door panels are vacated and beautiful lanterns are located at the end of each door – a wonderfully logical location for both interior lighting and for entry/egress lighting.

I love these little dash-board lights, too. I don’t know why they need to pop up, but nevertheless are an elegant decorative detail.

And they also include a vague concept of UVC disinfection lighting, which seems ridiculous at first, until you consider the future of autonomous car sharing services.

The way the side door pockets/alcoves are illuminated is a beautiful detail – I find inspiration in how future office lighting can incorporate personalized brightness control for circadian rhythm effects.

And pixel displays for the head lights and tail lights, but honestly that looks like something straight out of the 2010’s (am I jaded or what?)…

Video below.