nanoleaf elements

Toronto-based Nanoleaf is launching a new line of its modular illuminated wall panels called Nanoleaf Elements, which use a color-temperature changing LED engine behind a backlit faux-wood veneer face. The panels include some basic animations to create general textures of light, plus the usual litany of smart-house/IoT connectivity.

Back-lighting natural elements like wood veneers or translucent stone is nothing new, but the magic of combining luminosity with tactile materials is an area still rich with creative possibility, particularly for residential or hospitality applications.

Nice to see that since their founding five years ago, they have found success and continue to thrive.

I think it is interesting how this video is actually a rendering: Kudos to whoever made it – it is gorgeously produced and I’m guessing the vast majority of people will have no idea that all of the imagery on the site is rendered content.