clinique laboratories by UXUS

There’s something about this Clinique retail design concept by Amsterdam-based UXUS that really caught my eye: It just seems to be “oozing luminosity” out of every nook, cranny, sign box and shelf surface. Overall, it creates a powerful effect.

8 W4 A3691 LYR 01 RGB

I would love to see the architectural and fixturing details for this project. Just try to imagine how many compact edge-lit conditions there are – how many backlit panels, edge lit shelves, so many perimeter coves. Plus glowing channel letters, glowing mirrors, digital signage, etc. Quite a few “trick” details in a tight little space.

8 W4 A3807 LYR 01 RGB
8 W4 A3771 LYR 01 RGB
8 W4 A3608 LYR 01 RGB