disney’s prefab castle

Walt Disney Imagineering created a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the development and construction of Hong Kong Disneyland’s castle expansion/retheme. It highlights the aggressive use of prefabricated construction – coordinated via BIM – and how that allowed them to build such a tall, ornate tower with limited construction space in such a tight timeline. Below is an amazing video with tons of project content.

I believe this trend of prefabricated construction is key to unlocking the power of BIM, parametric design and digital fabrication for architectural lighting. My team at Cima is exploring this for our newly launched line of architectural lighting (albeit, at a scale a little smaller than an entire castle). For example, our Cima Cove series achieves the presence and luminosity of traditional architectural soffit coves, but in a sleek prefab solution that installs in minutes at a construction site.

Below are a bunch of screen caps for posterity: