cima divi

Following is a sneak peak at Cima Divi, one of the first product lines Cima is bringing to market. At the beginning of 2020, Brad Koerner (editor of Lucept) started as VP of Product Development for Cima, an architectural signage and lighting company based north of Philadelphia. If your company has need for Cima Divi and other creative social distancing solutions, email bkoerner -at-

Social distancing, reimagined

Cima Divi adds brilliance and safety to waiting areas, dining areas, and offices.

As the world enters a new normal, our once communal areas are being divided to ensure personal safety. Cima Divi takes the crude concept of a divider panel and transforms it into a beautiful addition to a space.

Light brings a beautiful presence to a surface. Richly glowing surfaces seemingly emanate life. In adding such rich luminosity at a personal scale throughout a space, Cima Divi takes division and turns it into something more hopeful, a way of helping people feel connected to a brilliant world.

Cima Divi helps service professionals make their guests, patients, and employees feel safe, to feel at ease, to feel comfortable.

Cima Divi is crafted to our customers’ precise needs and is available in a variety of sizes, light outputs, finishes, and with creative options such as surface etching or digitally printed graphics.

Cima Divi: Brilliance and safety, together.