cima welcomes brad koerner and brandon siemion

Big news on my part: I’m thrilled to share the announcement that I’m joining Cima as VP of Product Development & Innovation.

Cima is a fast-growing signage company based north of Philadelphia, providing custom signage, lighting and digital media solutions to architectural projects ranging across retail, hospitality and commercial. Cima is quickly growing beyond its signage roots into providing complete branding and placemaking solutions.

Why, you may ask, is someone with 20 years in architectural lighting joining a signage company? Because the trends are clear: Architectural projects are increasingly fusing lighting, signage, surfaces, graphics and digital media into something better framed as experiential placemaking rather than as traditional architectural lighting. Three years ago I wrote about the fusion of brand, tech and place and how I don’t see how traditional architectural lighting companies will be able to adapt to such a new world. And if you are a regular follower of Lucept, you will surely have followed my R&D work in embedded lighting, ambient media, data-driven environments and interactive environments. For a concise summary and vision of these trends in next decade, make sure to check out my piece “Welcome to the Luminous ’20’s“.

Launching truly innovative product concepts is challenging, especially at companies built upon traditional mass production. More and more brands demand custom, highly individualized design concepts to differentiate themselves, which simply doesn’t jive well with companies that pump out commodities like downlights and troffers. Cima, however, is fundamentally setup to manage custom fabrication projects, with strong accompanying project management and design capabilities. Cima bridges the critical project gap from raw lighting hardware to complete, finished architectural project solutions. From my experience, that is a far stronger foundation from which to launch creative new product concepts to leading brands and project customers.

Another key aspect to my decision to join Cima is that I’m joining at the same time as Brandon Siemion. Brandon was previously VP of Sales at Color Kinetics (when I was part of CK’s product management team) and later the VP of Sales at Lumenpulse. Brandon is a fantastic sales manager, who is incredibly enthusiastic about the many product concepts I’ve been teasing him with the past month. Coupled with my own first-hand experience with North American projects during my time as a Boston-based lighting designer, I believe Brandon and I bring to Cima the right mix of experience, enthusiasm and creativity to help the Cima team launch into the national spec-market.

To learn more about Cima’s culture and capabilities, check out the video below:

I look forward to joining my new Cima colleagues! And make sure to follow Lucept and Cima for the new product lines we plan to launch.

The official press release is copied below.

Cima welcomes Brandon Siemion and Brad Koerner

Cima is pleased to announce the addition of two executives with deep experience in architectural lighting solutions:  Brandon Siemion is joining as Senior Vice President of Sales and Brad Koerner is joining as Vice President of Product Development & Innovation.

With a North American platform for full turnkey solutions in signage, custom architectural elements, landmarks, graphics, architectural illumination, and digital signage, Cima supports brands, architects and designers across the country.  With the addition of Brandon and Brad to the team, Cima is launching an exciting new phase of growth.

Joining Cima as Senior Vice President of Sales, Brandon Siemion entered the lighting industry in 1997 and helped organically grow Color Kinetics for 12 years, becoming one of the leading suppliers of color changing LEDs. From there, Brandon spent 10 years providing exceptional service to client partners as the Vice President of Sales at Lumenpulse. He now joins Cima eager to grow relationships, building brands together with our team.

Brandon adds:  “I want to tell you how exciting this is for me to start a new career at Cima. ‘Building brands together’ is what I did at Color Kinetics & Lumenpulse for partners all over North America. As proven, it’s in Cima’s DNA to provide a quality product offering while building successful relationships. Together we’ll take it to another level.”

Joining Cima as Vice President of Product Development & Innovation, Brad Koerner is a creative leader in the application of advanced lighting technologies and digital media systems.  Having spent 20+ years in the lighting industry, Brad has developed award-winning architectural lighting projects as well as industry-leading LED product lines.  Brad previously worked in the Innovation Group at Philips Lighting in the Netherlands, the product management team at Color Kinetics and as a lighting designer in the Boston area.  Brad is an accomplished writer and speaker, having presented at over 30 global conferences, forecasting future trends in architectural lighting design.

Brad adds:  “We see leading designers fusing lighting, graphics and digital signage to create immersive new experiences across a range of commercial, retail and hospitality applications.  But for successful execution on construction projects, the most daring innovations need a strong base of project management, customer service and production savvy.  The Cima team has worked hard to build excellent project-based services and responsive client support. I’m excited to join the Cima team and also to rejoin my former Color Kinetics colleague Brandon Siemion, together with such a solid foundation from which to launch innovative product lines into the specification channel.”

President of Cima, Bill Lockett, shares his excitement:

“Cima’s success is 100% derived from surrounding ourselves with great people who are skilled, passionate and experienced. Brandon Siemion is not only one of these great people but he is a game-changer. I have known Brandon for 13 years and have watched him grow two of the largest LED companies in North America. His passion for cultivating client relationships and building brands is exceptional and in full alignment with our culture. Among many synergies, Brandon’s experience, and vast network will be a catalyst in our continued growth.

“And Brad Koerner brings to the team a depth of knowledge in fusing architecture and lighting that is industry leading. Brad’s cross-section of experience and education paired with Cima’s core capabilities will, without a doubt, cultivate innovative products and services for our clients. There has been a shift in the market and engaging experiences are integrating signage, architecture, digital media, RGB and architectural lighting at an exciting pace. We have a strategic growth plan in place to match this trajectory. Cima is proactively developing new solutions our clients will need to engage their customers, build their brand and accelerate to be top of mind in their respective industry. Brad’s high-profile, worldwide, project experiences will help fortify this charge.

“Cima is a sum of its people and having Brandon and Brad as part of our team will elevate us all, projecting Cima to new levels.”