the verge – lightbulb revolution

Tech blog The Verge has produced a rarity in modern media culture: A fair and balanced video report talking about the light bulb controversy in the United States. Judge for yourself…

Thanks to efforts by groups like NEMA, the U.S. is already behind the rest of the world in retailing LED lamps. Here is a picture I took of the lighting section from a local chain store here in Amsterdam:

What do you see here? EVERY style of residential lamp you could possible dream of available as energy efficient LED, available in high quality CRI, warm CCT, many of them dimmable, many of the styles with the classic “filament” look. Notice the prices? DIRT CHEAP (and remember that 21% sales tax is included in these prices). These are durable goods meant to last a decade of operation, priced cheaper than a six pack of beer.

There are no compromises, no “it makes me look orange” nonsense. What fool is going to look at a 90+ CRI, 2700K, 100 lm/w, 25,000 hour LED filament bulb priced at $2.99 and say to themselves “WE REALLY NEED TO ROLL BACK EFFICIENCY STANDARDS! FREEDOM! LIBERTY! I WANT INCANDESCENTS!”

The global R&D programs and efficiency standards from a decade ago (ironically, mostly led by the U.S. DOE SSL program) worked beautifully. The war is won and people are globally saving billions of kWh of electricity without compromise, and collectively making a big dent in global emissions.