cree cadiant system

Cree Lighting launched a clever new product line called Cadiant, that creates the illusion of daylight shining through a pop-up skylight. In reality, it is a 2’x2′ (60cm x 60cm) troffer that combines a luminous top surface (recessed upwards 8″) with luminous vertical edges that are individually dimmable & color temperature tuneable. By dimming the wall edges independently, the illusion of the sun moving from East to West can be achieved, bringing subtle but critical motion to interior spaces. Cree completes the product with a control system featuring an astronomical control system to get the simulation accurate.

It’s a stunning design that combines some relatively simple concepts into a lighting product that genuinely provides new value to commercial customers. Making interior spaces feel connected to the outdoors significantly increases the occupant comfort and perception of value of that space. In my opinion, that is far more valuable and relevant to most customers than the esoteric concept of circadian stimulus.

Cadiant is sort of a mass-market ready version of the Coelux concept. It also relates nicely to the Lightglass concept.