usgbc LEED program gives big boost to dc power in commercial buildings

This week the USGBC just added a major point opportunity for commercial buildings that integrate substantial native-DC power infrastructure.

As I discussed just recently (and even included 5 years ago in my predictions for the future of lighting), it increasingly makes sense to adopt DC-infrastructure in commercial buildings in place of traditional AC infrastructure as more solar and battery storage is added to buildings in the race to build net-zero-energy projects. The savings are profound: It is estimated that 15% of a buildings total energy consumption can be saved by skipping wasteful DC-AC-DC conversions.

The USGBC LEED program provides powerful incentives for project teams to consider innovative sustainable construction technologies. Glad to see DC power finally in the mix. The LEED credit info can be found here: LEED BD+C: New Construction v4 Direct Current Power Systems

A nice summary article from the Alliance to Save Energy can be found here: Westinghouse Won The Current War, But Direct Current Systems Now Provide A Savings Opportunity.