social walls

 “Social walls” are an interesting new concept.  Content aggregator services pull together data streams from various social media sites like Instagram or Twitter, based on desired hashtags, geo-fencing, or other qualifiers.  These content streams can be displayed in a variety of formats, all the way up to large digital displays for concerts, retail, transit, etc.

There are many such aggregation services.  A few examples:, Streamchartz, DialogFeed and SocialWall Pro. 

What I find fascinating about these “social walls” is that at an architectural scale (using large digital media displays), the design of the space itself becomes controlled by algorithms picking up content from “the masses”.  It can change rapidly depending on what’s trending now.  And since large digital media displays are also the primary light sources in many instances, the lighting design and illumination quality is also placed into the volatility of social media trends.  Very interesting…