sosolimited – tidal light

Boston-based interactive design firm Sosolimited recently installed a public art piece at the Charleston Navy Yard on the tip of Constitution Wharf.

According to their press release:

● Custom software collects data in real time from National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) servers.  The data reveals the tide height and wave conditions for NOAA Buoy Station 44013, located 16 miles east of the Boston in Massachusetts Bay.
● The software translates this data into light in three distinct ways:
Tide level: The height of the blue light on the sculptures moves up and down with the tide level in real time.
Wave conditions: The movement and sparkling of the blue light encodes the general level of activity in the waves
Time of day:  The colors above and below the horizon change to reflect the time of day, tracking nautical events through sunrise, dawn, twilight,
dusk and sunset
● The sculpture uses strands of Color Kinetics color controllable LED lights.