glimm screens

Glimm Flexible_transparent_LED_foil_news-550x330

Glimm Screens is a Dutch-based producer of optical films that has expanded into a riot of creative architectural and display media systems.  They mention: projection foil, projection films, projection screens for front and rear projection, glass displays, holographic solutions, interactive touch solutions, large 3D projections for indoor and outdoor purposes.

What caught my eye is their flexible clear LED foil.  I’ve seen a few companies selling versions of this, but it is nevertheless nice to see a European supplier developing something similar.

As you can see in the video below, these sorts of screens are never truly “clear” or “transparent” – they all have discrete opaque lines of flexible circuitry.  But these are becoming finer and finer, to the point that when viewed from a moderate distance, they effectively fade from view.

Glimm Transparent-LED-1