PIXLIP is a German startup that sells an innovative exhibition system consisting solely of internally illuminated light boxes with digitally printed fabric facing and a variety of configuration accessories.

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PIXLIP is an outstanding example of the potential for embedded lighting, as they are quickly expanding beyond exhibition projects into permanent architectural interior and even exterior projects — an excellent example of the potential of luminous fabrics for architectural surfaces.

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I find their office lighting, using their own product system, to be really very creative and a great proof point that luminous surfaces can create fantastic, bright, fun surroundings in offices, totally ignoring the “norms” and glare restrictions of most office lighting. They’re using their product for the perimeter walls, dropped ceiling pieces, and most creatively, the office partitions.  Particularly on a dark northern European winter’s day, this office must be a joy to be in.

csm_PIXLIP_Langenfeld_0122_e__2__48b6aeb573csm_PIXLIP_Service_Header_6c2ed46c34Notable is that they developed an exterior-rated system of the same fabric panel concept, shown in a very creative fashion as the complete exterior facade of their new headquarters.

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