philips luminous patterns: neocon 2016

Check out the piece I just wrote for Philips Lighting’s North American blog on our presence at Neocon.

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028 Luminous textile

Philips Lighting debuts Luminous Patterns at Neocon 2016 in Chicago

Philips Lighting debuted its new Luminous Patterns product line at the Neocon tradeshow for commercial interiors at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.  Luminous Patterns fuses decorative patterns of light into customized architectural wall and ceiling panel systems, enabling designers to create innovative new experiences for retail, hospitality, office and healthcare applications.

Architects and interior designers have long tried to break free from the constraints of traditional light fixtures, to use light to add visual richness directly to architectural surfaces.  But custom integration of such “embedded lighting” has been difficult to specify and costly to install, limiting broader adoption.  Luminous Patterns solves this problem by offering a range of creative integrated lighting features, a wide selection of finishes, graphic printing, delivered in a built-to-order system:   The panels arrive at the construction site ready to install, greatly reducing onsite coordination and installation costs.  All points of light are digitally controlled to create a range of animated effects.

Philips Luminous Patterns - Round Sparkle - 10

Neocon attendees were wowed with a large-scale wall installation featuring a pattern of dynamic sparkling light points with the rich golden light and playful animation of romantic candlelight.  Also at the booth were samples of Luminous Patterns’ 3D graphics, which create delightful plays of light and silhouette, and brilliant graphics, which create a unique surface sparkling effect that changes as viewers shift position.

Philips Luminous Patterns - Parametric Flowers - 02

Brad Koerner, Creative Director of Luminous Patterns, delivered a one hour seminar called “Embedded Lighting: The Future of Integrating Lighting into Architectural Surfaces”.  Brad looked back at the theories of mid-century lighting design to explore how contemporary designers can use embedded lighting in rich new ways; at product solutions available on the market today such as Philips Luminous Carpets, Luminous Textiles, OneSpace and Luminous Patterns; plus a peak at the future of how lighting is transforming into literally an architectural material and the implications of such a transformation.

Luminous Patterns is available in the United States beginning this summer.  For more information please contact Roy Scheepens, our Business Development Manager, at .