ketra in fortune magazine

Some press for Ketra, which has a couple of my former Color Kinetics colleagues.  Wow!  $31m in funding!


A lighting startup led by Nav Sooch, the co-founder of the semiconductor company whose chips are inside many popular consumer devices, is coming out of stealth mode with a new focus on the residential market. Ketra, a six-year-old company based in Austin, Texas that has raised $31 million to date led by NEA, Nav Sooch and Sante Ventures, plans to join the growing cadre of big names taking on consumer lighting.

Overall, the commercial and consumer lighting market has experienced a profound shift in the last few years, as LEDs and connectivity has changed the landscape—challenging lighting’s large incumbents such as GE, Philips and Osram. Ketra is part of that shift.

Where there were once a few large manufacturers of lighting, now there are dozens, especially on the consumer side, seeking to use LEDs and connectivity via Wi-Fi or other radios to compete with the aforementioned big names. So…

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