how to get the party started

electrofur full coat


How to get the party started?

Step 1: Get acquired by Philips Lighting for $735m.

Step 2: Quit.

Step 3: Launch new startup company apparently just for the hell of it.

Ihor Lys, one of the two founders of Color Kinetics, has an interesting new project going:  a startup called ElectroFur.  LED illuminated fake fur accessories targeting the club/rave/festival scene.

Ihor was always the brilliant Wozniak to George Mueller, who always played the extravagant Jobs role.  So I find it quite amusing to see their roles reversed (sort of).  George has started the quite normal and proper Ecosense Lighting, while Ihor is partying like a rockstar.  It’s especially fun seeing Ihor partying with Richard Branson!

Who would have thought?