Tangeez  Capture

Via Cool Hunting — A cool Kickstarter campaign led by two Brooklyn-based creatives to develop glowing, interactive building blocks for children (it was successfully funded back in October).  Very cool.

I especially love the physical color mixing.  According to the Tangeez site:

Each Tangee has three prongs on the top, three holes on the bottom, and one three-color LED in the middle. Connect one prong and you’ll see one color–red, green, or blue, depending on the hole you choose. Two prongs mixes two colors…three prongs, three colors. The more you change and rearrange, the more colors you create.

Although products like these are great for children, I also see the potential for more:  As I wrote previously, I think the lighting community could benefit greatly from physical modeling tools to “sketch” advanced interactive lighting systems.


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