glowing plants


A crazy, totally sci-fi, yet very real Kickstarter project that is looking to splice bio-luminescence genes into plants to create glowing plants.

This is great research:  Radical, visionary, and a completely different way of thinking about how we live.  It is so extreme, yet so very real, that it prompts me to again question why the lighting industry isn’t using any natural materials in the production of luminaires.

As the transition to super-efficient LEDs or OLEDs continues, the thermal challenge of dissipating the heat from solid-state light sources is decreasing to such a point that non-thermally conductive materials can be readily used throughout luminaire designs — and with low-voltage architectures, the flammability issue goes away, too.  Which means we don’t have to keep using steel and aluminum – two materials with high embodied energy (not to mention the toxic powder coat paint).

Maybe it takes a radical view into the future to kick-start even basic change in an industry…

Via Designboom.