rijksmuseum: image library

Here is a collection of Rijksmuseum images I captured at the end of the project, throughout the myriad of different galleries.  Visiting the Rijksmuseum is a delight because of the variety of spaces and rich mixture of artwork contained within each gallery.  As per my previous post, the exhibition lighting is 100% Philips LED.  Eat your heart out, halogen.

All of the lighting is 3000K throughout the museum.  In person, visual consistency and clarity is amazing, which I will detail in a separate post.  I set the white balance of my camera the same for all of the images in this collection, save the 19th Century gallery — I shot these earlier at a different white balance, hence the slightly cooler white point.

Of course, I’m no professional photographer and only had a Canon point’n’shoot with me, but hey…they’re free!  Please use as you wish…attribution is always nice…enjoy!