WHITEvoid is the brainchild of Berlin designer Christopher Bauder and contains a most impressive collection of cutting-edge installation art, lighting design, media design, and software design.

WHITEvoid developed the product design and web configurator (see image above) for the beautiful and cutting-edge “Living Sculpture 3D Module” product line from my colleagues at Philips Lumiblade.

WHITEvoid reinforces my continued thinking regarding the future of lighting design:  Lighting designers need to evolve from just stamping downlight symbols on RCPs to offering a combination of disciplines. Christopher Bauder is a great example of this potential.

His site is loaded with amazing projects…far too many to document here, so I urge you to explore on your own.

WhiteVoid 3dj

Software they have developed called 3DJ is a really cool interface for “playing” live content renderings.

WhiteVoid_3D Portfolio

WHITEvoid has developed a really slick piece of software for viewing portfolios.  What a cool interface!


A zoomable, Prezi-like viewer for images.


An interactive installation with smart objects…


Software that maps projections to 3D objects.