mit school of architecture video

MIT Architecture from Paper Fortress on Vimeo.

MIT’s School of Architecture recently posted an excellent video with an overview of their current academic research programs.

The video gives a terrific glimpse to the key issues students and professors are currently developing for the future of our built world: Material research programs, new architectural forms, and innovative construction systems.

Nader Tehrani, Department Chair, Department of Architecture, MIT, makes this great statement in the video:

“Instead of becoming the recipient of building industry culture, we can now change the building industry by the kinds of experiments we’re doing…”

The lighting industry seems content to sit out of the big game.  Lighting is frustratingly stuck in the past, seemingly intent on regurgitating product paradigms that our great-grandparents would be comfortable using with only incremental performance improvements.

The lack of risk taking in the lighting industry means that it is not even participating in the current revolution in the architecture and construction industries.  Could I even wish for the lighting industry to actually develop innovations that lead the innovation in the construction industry?  Is that too much to ask?